Why should I Login to use the SAE website?

SAE wants to serve you better. That is why we created MySAE. This new feature lets you customize your SAE website experience based on your areas of technical interest. Once logged in, all your settings can be changed quickly, and take effect immediately.

The benefits of registering include:

  • Allow SAE to optimize your web experience by delivering only what you have an interest in. If you select this option, SAE will customize its broad selection of information to accommodate your areas of technical interest.
  • It is quicker to order items, register for seminars, and perform any operation where your contact information is needed. We will fill in the forms for you to save you time.
  • You can update all your contact information immediately, and change it any time you want.
  • Ability to participate in public discussion forums.
  • If you choose, we will notify you when events, seminars, publications, etc become available within your area of interest.
  • The future of MySAE will be for all of the SAE's website content to be delivered specifically for the individual user, based on your areas of technical interest. This means you get the most current information each time you visit our site. In addition, you will be able to take your customization to a whole new level, to include items like customized bookmarks; eliminating your need to keep duplicate bookmarks on your home and work computer.

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